Yoko Hasegawa

Lumiére ou ombre

2009/11/20(fri)-12/1 (tue) 12:00-19:30


Yoko Hasegawa is a collage ilustrator who works for Books and magazines, advertisement, and packages. She creates her fantastic world by using paper package of souvenir chocolate from Estonia and Metro ticket of Paris, cloth of the kimono in the Taisho era, antique lace which she fell in love. Subject are from all over the world carefully selected. These will change into the world romantic and cute by Hasegawa's original technique. In this exhibition, she produces the art object as own first trial and performs the installation.

Yoko Hasegawa / collage illustrator
Born in 1981. Grasuated from Tama University of Arts information design. After experienced apparel company, she begun activity from 2006 as a free-lance illustrator. She won the sixth, the seventh TIS competition, notebook exhibition award in illustration note magazine and so on. She works for book cover designs, an advertisement, a magazine, to many divergences including the cosmetics package.